Intelibly™ is a robust data platform that connects patients to trusted providers through multiple sources. The Intelibly suite includes Finder Connect, Schedule Connect and Comply 133.

For more information or a demo, please contact us at [email protected] or 210.761.8117.


Looking to improve your practice performance by reducing the number of open  appointments?

Intelibly’s solutions help drive new patients into your practice through our Find a Provider Directory tool.  How it works is up to you!

• Allow patients to schedule an appointment through your preferred practice management software OR,

• Receive a notification that a patient would like to schedule an appointment

We know that changing your existing process can be disruptive to your practice, so we developed an easy onramp to connect your practice to Intelibly. Set up is fast and simple.

• Begin by claiming your free account*.

• Add the BOOK NOW button to your existing website to begin increasing patient flow from your website and Intelibly partner sites

• Intelibly’s Schedule Connect™ proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) is open to any online scheduling solution that a practice chooses to offer.

• Patient communication and online scheduling platforms such as Dolphin, Swell™, YAPI™, or ScheduleWidget™ already have integrations with Intelibly™ in place.

• If you have not been sent a “claim now” link and would like to sign up, click here

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